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Ok, perhaps these aren't so much true episode all...they are comedy.

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For the drinking crowd, or puritans who wish to substitute healthy drinks and want to play along, here is a Star Trek TNG drinking game.


Star Trek Movie Reviews

Star Trek the Motion Picture

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan


Star Trek, Deep Thoughts:


  • What would happen if you were skydiving in the Holodeck and you turned the safeties off? Would you fall 30 feet or less, or would the Holodeck increase the artificial gravity to simulate you hitting the ground at a free fall?


  • Does anyone else think it is strange that Picard (and countless other characters) is bald? They have cures for virtually every known disease and can fix anything, yet male pattern baldness still exists in the future. Even Data grew a beard at one point, and he's a machine!


  • Who cleans up the holodeck after a viewing of "Vulcan Love Slave 2"?


  • What happens to Odo's comm badge when he shape shifts into another form (a bird, for example)? And for that matter...does Odo even see with his eyes or does he have some sort of other sense perception?


  • What would happen if you simulated a warp core breach in the Holodeck with safeties off?

Here is a bumper sticker seen on the IKS Rotarran.





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