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Star Trek The Next Generation

SPOILER ALERT: There are spoilers throughout. You should have seen all of these episodes already anyway O_o

Season Six

Episode 127  "Time's Arrow, Part II"
At first glance, it appears the holodeck has gone berserk, but no, the crew has actually traveled back in time.

Riker finds a job that suits him admirably.

(My apologies go out to the good cops out there whose names are ruined by all the bad cops).

What were you just saying about having respect for the law, Riker? The police captain is probably about 55 years old; not entirely an old man, but certainly good enough justification for another drink for the partakers of the drinking game.

Episode 128  "Realm of Fear"
Th-th-th-this ep-ep-episode is a-a-a-a-about B-b-b-barclay. Y-y-y-y-ou mmmmmight w-w-w-want t-t-t-t-t-o ssskip it.

Barclay grabs a monarch caterpillar in the transporter. Upon materializing, the caterpillar transforms into a person. HUH?! No, i didn't even make that up O_o

Episode 129  "Man of the People"
Councilor Troi contracts the aging disease that Dr. Pulaski had in episode 33!

Troi attempts to get an instant promotion by stabbing Picard in his sleep. It should be noted that attacking the captain of a starship with a knife is punishable by a timeout in the naughty chair.

Episode 130  "Relics"
...and he's wearing Han Solo's outfit..


"Aye, she's not much to look at, laddie, but she'll make point five past warpspeed."


Episode 131  "Schisms"
The Enterprise barber is bald. He's probably the last person you want as a barber. The saying "Never trust a skinny chef" comes to mind....Also, some crewmembers are kidnapped when they sleep. That's right; i said kidnapped! Drink!


Riker sits on his ass while his fellow crewmembers frantically try to rescue him.

Episode 132  "True-Q"
A human girl, who is actually a Q, shows up on the Enterprise and ruins Q's benevolent plans.

Yes!!! Awww, it missed! Damn that girl!

Episode 133  "Rascals"
Ferengi try to take over the Enterprise, but are stopped by swinging paint cans, various tools, christmas tree ornaments, and bowling ball traps set by pint-sized versions of Picard, Ro, Guinan, and Keiko.

Episode 134  "A Fistful of Datas"
The holodeck is up to no good, making copies of Data everywhere.



"Umm, no. On second thought, give the gun to Alexander instead."

Episode 135  "The Quality of Life"
Data stands up for the rights of life of his fellow robots!


(Not pictured is Johnny 5).

Episode 136  "Chain of Command, Part I"
Picard, Worf, Crusher go on an away mission to Cardassia. Why the captain is necessary for an undercover mission in the heart of hostile territory is a little sketchy. Anyways, they are sent to look for WMDs but none are found. However, war does not break out :-|


Team Ninja about to leap into action

Episode 137  "Chain of Command, Part II"
Human is tortured by a sadistic Cardassian (aren't they all?).


"What? Oh, you mean 'four lights.' Actually I believe there are five. Do try again."

And, i also found out that there was actually a translator issue -- they both had their translators set to a different channel. They were both saying that there were four lights and agreeing with each other, but a technical issue kept them from understanding each other. It's kind of sad, actually.

Episode 138  "Ship in a Bottle"
Moriarty the hologram returns and threatens to destroy the ship unless his unreasonable demands are met.


Episode 139  "Aquiel"
Geordi falls for another wrong girl; this one's shapeshifting dog tries to kill him.

Episode 140  "Face of the Enemy"
Troi is kidnapped by the Romulans, but is returned for obvious reasons.

Little-Miss-Bucking-For-Command finally gets her wish on a Romulan Warbird.

Episode 141  "Tapestry"
God/Q teaches Picard valuable lessons about life.

Picard goes undercover to mingle with the crew. A noble attempt, but ultimately it fails.

Picard laughs at a knife wound -- his own; thus earning him the Ultimate Badass Award.

Episode 142  "Birthright, Part I"

Yay! DS9 :)

Shit. Bashir.

Geordi: "Yes, Doctor, I believe you already told me you achieved a 4.0 GPA and dated the President of France's daughter."

Bashir: "Not only that, but I was on the Olympic Swim Team."

Geordi: "That's great, now if we could just get back to..."

Bashir: "I'm pretty much superior to you in every way imaginable."

Geordi: "You should meet Commander Riker. I bet he'd be a match for you."

Bashir: "I doubt it, but I'm still looking for worthy competitor."

Episode 143  "Birthright, Part II"
With the help of an undercover Admiral Paris, Worf ruins "Romulan-Klingon Peace and Understanding Summer Camp," thus plunging the Klingon and Romulan Empires into another bitter hatred of each other for a few hundred years.

Admiral Paris as a Klingon. Clearly, he is a member of Section 31.

Episode 144  "Starship Mine"
A crew of petty thieves tries to steal toxic garbage from the Enterprise.

B5 telepath Lyta Alexander makes a less than triumphant return after her death (see episode 115) and resurrection.

She's back, but now she's a petty thief....

...and Picard kills her with a small tactical nuke.

Picard performs a Vulcan neck pinch on Tuvok. Sweet, sweet irony.

Episode 145  "Lessons"
Picard falls in love with a new girl and sends her on a dangerous mission, that she barely returns from with her life. Apparently, in the future, people are unsure with nonlethal ways to end a relationship (see episode 57).

"So does this mean you don't want to see me anymore?"

Episode 146  "The Chase"
An alien from the tepid tv show "Alien Nation" appears and explains television budgets and why 90% of the aliens on Star Trek look like humans with skin diseases.

"Aliens with noses that connect to their chins come from planets without apples or ice cream cones."

Episode 147  "Frame of Mind"
Riker goes crazy when he's kidnapped by aliens who look like humans with skin diseases.

Riker tries out the new Federation flannel.

Episode 148  "Suspicions"
A Ferengi scientist not dedicated to the acquistion of i've seen everything...

Doctor "Ninja" Crusher plants a kick to the stomach of a Takaran...

...then proceeds to shoot him...twice. i see the Hippocratic Oath has become a little relaxed in the future.

Episode 149  "Rightful Heir"
Worf's drug use takes over his life, hurting the ones around him and causing him to neglect his duties on the Enterprise. He goes to a Klingon monastery and finds Klingon Jesus.

"Zoinks! Scoob, like I just saw a ghost of Jesus, man!"

Episode 150  "Second Chances"
This is the episode that introduces us to Tom Riker, a.k.a. “The Good One.” Tom Riker has his share of self-doubt since he’s HUMAN. Tom is a truly superior actor. He even makes Patrick Stewart look wooden. Will’s acting is terrible as always -- when he's not trying to destroy Tom's career, lovelife, or self-respect, Will mopes and looks for places to prop his leg up and say “What the hell?” i couldn't find the actor that played Tom Riker on but it's a shame they couldn't have gotten him to play Will Riker! Paramount probably could have gotten away with having a cardboard cutout play Will Riker, but that's beside the point.


Look at that smile :) What a guy!



i was just about to compliment Will on how well-behaved he has been this season...apparently he's been saving up for this episode. Will acts like a pompous ass as usual, but in more of a bullying fashion now. Apparently, deep down, he is self-loathing, judging by the way he treats Tom. He goes so far as to try to throw Tom into a bottomless pit.





A perfect gentleman!

Troi cannot resist Tom's charms.

Tom “Romeo” Riker courts Deanna. In a jealous rage, Will puts a guilt trip on Deanna. Deanna eventually caves in to Will’s alpha male behavior and decides not to leave the Enterprise with Tom. Will succeeds in making Tom’s life spiral out of control (see DS9 Episode 455 for details).

Episode 151  "Timescape"
Geordi reverses the polarity one too many times and the Enterprise becomes trapped in time!

Riker trips over a bridge obstacle. He pretends to be frozen in time to save himself some embarrassment.

Also notice that Riker's leg is in the "propped up position." i'll count that worthy of a drink, for those of you playing the game.

"Domo Arigato, Mr. Romulano!"

The Doctor does the robot. A Romulan is unimpressed and shows his displeasure.

B5 telepath Lyta Alexander returns to life once more -- this time as an alien entity that looks like a Romulan. Lyta comes back to life more times than Duncan Idaho O_o

Episode 152  "Descent, Part I"
Lore! The Borg also return and decide they have been going about combat all the wrong way -- quickly dodging and using energy weapons is conducive to one's long life, whereas creeping like a zombie towards an opponent has become passe.


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