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SPOILER ALERT: There are spoilers throughout. You should have seen all of these episodes already anyways O_o

Season Four

Episode 75  "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II"
The conclusion to the classic episode.  Even Riker did a good job ;)  i have no further comments on this superb episode or on Voyager's attempt to destroy one of Star Trek's greatest villains.


Episode 76  "Family"
Picard visits his native France?! Patrick Stewart is one of the world's finest actors, but i don't detect a French accent... Seriously, why didn't the writers simply make the captain character come from Scotland?


"Jean Luc, your explosive diarrhea has gotten out of control."

Episode 77  "Brothers"
Lore! :)  i'm still trying to figure out who played Lore and Dr. Soong. The casting was superb! They both look just like Brent Spiner. Amazing.


Episode 78  "Suddenly Human"
A alien human boy stays on the Enterprise for awhile, but leaves after finding out he would be roommates with Wesley.

"Captain, your explosive diarrhea has gotten out of control."

Not pictured is Riker laughing maniacally at his best friend Wesley.


Episode 79  "Remember Me"
Crusher gets the Enterprise all to herself.  It should be noted that the doc's misfortunes were caused by yet another experiment of Wesley's gone wrong.  The Traveler appears but refuses the crew's request that he take Wes with him.

Not sure what to say about this, but it's funny, no?


Episode 80  "Legacy"
Tasha Yar’s infinitely prettier sister appears.


Episode 81  "Reunion"
Worf gets a surprise visit...

"Ahh, Alexander! Quick, reverse transport! Edit, Undo!"


Worf kills Duras and gets a reprimand on his Starfleet record. Apparently the Federation is a tad lax on penalties for murder in the future.

Episode 82  "Future Imperfect"
Riker dreams about being a captain and having a son with Minuet the hologram (see Episode 16).  Riker sees Picard has become an old man and tells him to "Shut up!"  What is up with his irrational hatred of the elderly?

"Ensign Nog, where is the 'Any Key' again?"

Episode 83 "Final Mission"
Quite possibly the best TNG episode ever -- the end of Wesley's tyranny at Sietch Tabr.

"Take his water, Gurney Halleck!"

Episode 84  "The Loss"
Troi loses her empathy. i felt nothing but apathy.  

"I'm sorry Deanna, but we don't need you anymore. Worf will serve as the new ship's counselor."

Episode 85  "Data's Day"
O'Brien and Keiko get married. Data learns to dance. My question is, why doesn't he do the robot?

Strangely enough, Data and i dance the same way ;)

Episode 86  "The Wounded"
A Nebula class ship kicks the shit out of a bunch of Cardies. Gul Dukat  makes his first appearance (as a Cardassian -- see episode 26).  It wasn't long after this that the Cardassians got rid of the wire helmet look and traded their sponge armor for crotch-poking armor.


"A pleasure to meet you, Gul Dukat."


Episode 87  "Devil's Due"
The Devil has been busy making deals throughout the universe.  And she has the hots for Picard.  Here's a thought:  what if Ardra would have actually been who she said she was...or at least another omnipotent being like a Q?

"I'm sensing you have an erection."

"I'm sensing you want a promotion, Counselor."

Episode 88  "Clues"
Data lies to the crew....or is it not actually Data? (see episode 14).

Episode 89  "First Contact"
The Borg and the Enterprise go back in time to first contact between the Vulcans and humans...wait, no, that was the movie. 

Riker goes to Malcor and has sex with Lilith from Cheers...gah...that must have been like having sex with a cold, dead fish.

The bearded man on the left is not Frasier...

This one again proves that Riker will have sex with anything with two legs and can fog a mirror. Wait, scratch that last part.

Episode 90  "Galaxy's Child"
Geordi gets to meet Leah Brahms, the woman of his dreams.  Too bad she's a total bitch.  The Enterprise encounters a space monster.


"This is what it's all about, people.  Seeking out new life forms....oh it's beautiful.  Well...Mr. Worf, fire."



Episode 91  "Night Terrors"
The Enterprise finds the H.M.S. Britain and gets stuck in space.  Eventually, Geordi realizes the ship had shifted into neutral and he puts the Enterprise back in gear and they continue exploring.

"Sir, the ship was crewed by a race of zombies!"

Crusher: "The tricorder says that he is dead."

Troi:  "I hope you wash your hands after doing that, Riker."

Riker: "Yeah, whatever."

Episode 92  "Identity Crisis"
Geordi disappears...wait, he has not been kidnapped, no drink for those of you playing the drinking game!

"Geordi, what happened to your visor?"

Episode 93 "The Nth Degree"
Lt. Broccoli's brain takes the ship to a galaxy far, far away....


god's head looks at the bridge crew.

Episode 94  "QPid"
Q sends his pal Picard and his friends to Sherwood Forest.  Troi shoots Data with an arrow.

...god...look at that form. Can you do anything right, Counselor?

Episode 95  "The Drumhead"
Admiral Bush arrives on the Enterprise and a witch hunt for terrorists ensues.

"I see you're wearing the new Admiral uniform. [under breath] I hope I never make Admiral."

Episode 96  "Half a Life"
Lwaxana finds a new man, but he has to die when he turns 60.  Luckily, he was born on leap day, so he's currently only 15.

Episode 97  "The Host"
The introduction of Trills to Star Trek.  The Trill cannot use transporters...until DS9 invents Trill-safe transporters.  The doc puts the symbiont inside of Riker. This is beneficial to everyone.  Riker becomes funny, lovable, friendly, humble, and romantic.  Unfortunately, the symbiont rejects Riker due to his irrepressible ego.

"For once, I don't feel like punching you, Number One."

Episode 98  "The Mind's Eye"
The Romulans launch Operation: Disrupt Geordi's Vacation.  It succeeds beyond all expectations.

Poor Geordi can't have a moment's peace and kick back and have a cold one without someone interrupting him.

Episode 99  "In Theory"
Data gets a girlfriend and asks various crew members for advice.

"Data, the trick is to pay her just enough, so she's not insulted."

During this episode, i made a disturbing discovery:


Episode 100  "Redemption, Part I"
The Klingon government is in turmoil...again.


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