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This is not how coupons work.

Umm, did the price just go up? Ok, i'll just try this coupon instead.

i'm not a mathematics professor, but i do believe there are some errors in calculation.

-- submitted by Buggsy.



Pens and War of 1812 slogan shirts are apparently related.


Not a bad job if you like swimming.

Easy assembly, if you can swim out to the sub in the middle of the lake.


i'm not sure who came up with this.

i'm no pediatrician, but i'm pretty sure that throwing babies is a bad idea.


Dr. Arson Dog

This is really awkward to read if you don't realize it's two advertisements at first.

Contributed by Buggsy.



...would you even use this?


Do Substance Abuse Counselors wear tiaras on the job? Some jobs require hard hats, some require tiaras, i guess.



Such a helpful review.



Let's just check the forecast and start the day right and think about the Earth dying o_o

Skip the coffee today, let's go straight for vodka.



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