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So, Jason Momoa is pegged to play Aquaman in the upcoming movie Batman v. Superman. First of all, i wonder if they thought he'd be a good choice because he was in Stargate Atlantis and Aquaman is Prince of Atlantis.


Aquaman? i thought a better choice might have been Richard Dreyfuss.



Neilsville -- Population: 2423. More grocery stores needed!

-- submitted by Buggsy.

i wonder if "Will Not Be Legal Soon" refers to her muscles or the fact she's not wearing a top.



I don't think these people on Craigslist really know how reality works. The phrase "works fine" cannot be followed up with "except the screen is shattered" in regards to a TV.

-- submitted by Buggsy.



"Why do my hamburgers puff up?" was the question.


-- submitted by Buggsy.


Do you know what the Winter Olympics needs to spice things up?

Ice Fencing.


+ = Awesome.



i hate Yahoo sometimes. Other times, they bring things like this to me.

Wow, jerky is named the Ultimate Holiday Gift? i might trust that more if this info didn't come from that source.



Cute and horrifying at the same time

i've always wanted to cook food using the head of a panda bear. Finally, that dream can come true!



How does this work?

Use your computer to call long distance! No computer required. But?


Not sure how this picture is relevant.


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