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Thoughts of the Daze Archive 7




Just one question: why?


Facebook quiz

i clicked Yes.


What does a deformed face have to do with car insurance?

Marketing research at its finest.


Worst Halloween costumes ever.



Enjoy that, Count, it's the only woman that is going to get close to you.

This next one takes the cake.

***WARNING, giant plush penis ahead***

So. You're a knight. With a dick hanging out. Why?

At least the firefighter and the snake charmer made some sense.

i mean, if you're a guy, why don't you just cut a hole in your pants and let your dick hang out? Wear a grey suit, paint your penis grey and say you're an elephant. Fuck. i've come up with something more "clever" in the space of 3 seconds and i was trying to just be a moron.

After seeing these costumes, i have decided to go as a pair of scissors and make a bunch of eunuchs this Halloween.


"Knock knock."

How does this even come up?

submitted by Buggsy.


Google News' images are entertaining.

Apparently a drunken Superman, wearing only his trunks and cape, is actually what the drone attacks are. Superman is a menace!


Some things shouldn't be taken even if free...


-- submitted by Buggsy.


Alma is a cold zone!

And, we're afraid we have to report that Winona has fallen to the Hill People.



Ah, irony.

"US charges Snowden with doing his job at a spy agency" is the alternate headline to this article.


Politics as unusual.

Have you ever thought that Jimmy McMillan from the Rent is Too Damn High party might just be a little too weird? Like he's, say, maybe an alien?

"The Selay are too damn alive!"



Chaos theory.

After watching Jurassic Park 3D recently, i did some more thinking about chaos theory and how "life finds a way," according to Dr. Malcolm.

Remember how all of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park were female, yet they end up finding a way to breed? Well, think of the first instance where we see someone not from Jurassic Park (Dr. Grant, Dr. Malcolm, and Dr. Sattler) seeing that there might be something wrong with the park? The helicopter ride onto the island. Dr. Grant's seatbelt inexplicably doesn't work.

How could something like that happen in an expensive helicopter that was built by intelligent people. Chaos. Furthermore, what do we notice about this seatbelt? The ends are both all of the dinosaurs in the park. Yet, despite this, the function of the seatbelt and reproductive cycle of the dinosaurs finds a way.



Do it!

Place sauce cup here now, or i'll fuckin' cut you.


Fox News, you've done it again.

Wow, just look at her! She's hot. But, i feel kind of bad for staring at her like she's a piece of meat.



i always suspected they were up to no good.

They seem all innocent and laid back, living a simpler life, but NO!


i guess playing the Stock Market and using the internet, for that matter, is not forbidden by the Amish.


Ah, craigslist, the place where you can trade goods for sexual favors.


"Would trade for hand boomers."


"Would trade for hand boomers."


"Would trade for hand boomers."

-- contributed by Buggsy


This has to be a typo.

Clearly, they meant "Wolverines Propose to Protect US"



Two things:

1) Is everyone homophobic?

2) Who/what the fuck is Kevjumba? How is that the first thing that popped up for the recommended searches?



It's DJ Cat Scratcher, yo.

i guess my cat needs a new hobby besides sleeping.



Ads never fail to amuse me.

i don't know if they're marketing this product for women or men. Does that woman or intended female targets want to boost their testosterone levels?

Or is this for men? If so, that might be a bigger fail. Seeing a picture of this beautiful woman is enough to boost my, uh, testosterone levels. No purchase necessary!



What a name!

Such a lovely name for a woman.

FYI my name isn't Jonathan, so this isn't some ad bot sending me an email.



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