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i think i'll pass

Seems a little expensive for a ghetto blaster. Notice the condition as well.

Still not sold on it? Well, check out a seller review.

-- submitted by Buggsy.



Thoughts on Modern History

i believe historians should refer to the period of U.S. history from Post-9/11 to circa 2006 as the Toby Keith Era.




Times are always tough in Africa.

He's so young! How does he find time between naps and cookies to vote on legislation?



Even zombies like to have nice hair, too.

i don't know which is weirder -- that she thought the corpse's hair looked cool or that the corpse actually replied.



Almost Lamebook.

i was feeling pretty proud of my Lamebook quality posts, so i thought i'd share them ;)

Just an honest suggestion!

Interestingly enough, everyone shut up once the Shame Train showed up.







i don't think i even want to know what that would be exactly.


Did anyone else notice that gas prices jumped up the day after Obama announced BP would have to pay 20 billion as a result of the oil spill? O_o


How will i make ends meet now?

The answer to the news article: it won't.

....unless you make over $200,000 a year. If that's the case, contact me regarding a charitable donation to the website ;)



Zen Master, my ass.



i have to tell you all that i've had a life changing experience after watching the movie, _Grizzly Rage_. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and check it out. Here is a trailer to _Grizzly Rage_ if you somehow missed it:

The ending of Grizzly Rage leaves the possibility wide open for a sequel. In my mind, they clearly left the door open for nothing less than a trilogy.

The unaddressed questions of the hazardous waste and the dumping ground and the creepy shack, not to mention not actually seeing many characters die on screen, only points to the need for this franchise to continue.

Despite widespread critical and popular disapproval, this hopefully-soon-to-be-series has a fanatical fan base.

Some possible movie names or taglines for future installments:

Grizzly Rage 2 - Cruise Control
Grizzly Rage 3 - Return of Rage

Here is the movie poster (complete with probable casting) that i have designed.

Get ready to hear "And the Academy Award goes to....Grizzly Rage 2!"


Only in America.

It's a game about junk food. You answer questions about commercials and jingles and other fascinating questions about junk food. There are coupons inside, of course. Meanwhile, other people around the world will be playing the "I Hope I Don't Starve To Death" game. ENJOY!



Great idea O_o


With the recent news about the batshit insane militia group whose plan was to kill police officers and random innocent bystanders, who decides it's a good idea to form a militia? It's like watching the news about 9/11 and then thinking, "Hmm, maybe i should become a Muslim extremist!"



Why indeed?

i can't figure out why the #1 answer is the most popular search. Also, the third most popular search is more than slightly sad.



Not news.

Dear Yahoo News, everyone has known this since the late 90's. This is not news.



The worst professional news article ever written.

First of all, it took me three readings to realize that it was not a dead man that had been pointing a gun and refusing orders, but just a man. Part of me wondered if the zombie apocalypse was upon us. If zombies are using guns, we humans may be fucked.

The reporters can't seem to decide if the man was 22 or 23. Pick one. Probably the right one would be the best choice for a news story.

Finally, i love the resident's name, Joe Vigilant. i don't know if that's his real name (which would be awesome) or if it's a fake name (which is equally awesome). The reporter might want to make sure not to put a fake name in for a witness.

Dear god....i've seen middle schoolers write better articles than this one.



The Adidas Imperial Cross-trainer

i'm not sure marketing knew what they were doing with this ad.


The period is your friend.

Wow, what a sentence! Not only is it long and convoluted, but i think the plow drivers are the ones "pull[ing] over and bringing more misery to the Mid-Atlantic region...." Use a period once in awhile, pal. Trust me, we'll all appreciate it and you'll look like a better writer for it ;) Also, editor? Don't let this sentence sneak past you.


That's no satellite upgrade....

This is from Google News. i'm not entirely sure why they have the Death Star as picture for the article. Maybe Kyle Katarn stole AT&T's plans for their network and is desperately trying to tell us something.


Lovely dress. Wait, that's a guy!

You would think Weir's friends would tell him not to wear that costume in public, much less animal rights groups.


Blatant corruption in Washington.

It really doesn't get any more obvious than that. Unfortunately for America, but fortunately for Corporate America, Americans are complacent sheep O_o



From Laura Roslin's Facebook quiz.

...or maybe i was the one that came across this in a quiz.

i clicked Yes.


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