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Antigone - LIVE!

A videorecording by Sophocles. The Greeks were far more advanced than we thought.




Well, at least he knows what he wants. i didn't know Santa could bring you that.


"There goes Plan A."

Sparky the fire prevention dog does not support this message.



"Can Be This Real Yes, i couldn't even make this shit up."

Where do i even begin on this one? The run-on sentence? The wonky capitalization? The website's name? Hmm, how about the wonderful gift from god of eternal life (nevermind the title, "Armageddon.")



Did i tell you how much i love this company? They provide more fodder for my cannons than anyone ;)

Starting on the left: Oh, what a cute face for the Social Worker, awww :) And the Accountant, how precious...The Bounty Hunter has a very happy face...odd, but oh well....let's see, moving on about...Teacher? Oh dear god. What a ....nice....pumpkin :-| ...though, it does make sense for a teacher if they have students that drive them insane.



i can't help but notice all of the billboards and commercials paid for by hospitals and HMOs. There's a sure sign something is wrong when hospitals have an advertising budget O_o



"Lawrence and Harold"

If "Harry" is short for "Harold," can "Larry" be short for "Larold"? Or could the full length version of "Harry" be "Hawrence"?



"Transformers: Less than meets the eye."

Allow me to help celebrate the release of The Transformers with a review of the movie =)

First of all, i can't help but notice the first 3/4 of the movie is a commercial for Hasbro (complete with My Little Pony), ebay, Pontiac, Hummer, and Chevrolet, as well as an Air Force recruitment video. This movie is the new Triumph of the Wills for corporate America. Oh, the other 1/4 of the movie is a blur of action that i cannot tell what is even happening other than giant robots are fighting. Who's fighting? Hard to tell most of the time :(

The characters...don't even get me started on these people!  One small question: who are these people and why do we care? Why are they connected to each other and the “plot threads” other than the “writers” wanted to see these “characters” together?  The characters' motivations are always a mystery (i'm assuming this means to the writers as well...wait, “writers” would imply that someone actually wrote this thing. i curse your names, you who defile the name “writer”)  the transitions are unexplained and rarely, if ever, make sense. 

How about Jazz and the hacker kid?  Yeah...racial stereotypes are cool O_o …cool like hate crimes :(  i've seen better character development in commercials...oh wait, this WAS a commercial....but the point remains that 30 second commercials have produced better characters.  Take Mr. Clean for example:  he's strong and he hates it when things are dirty. And he's bald!  After watching Transformers, i don't think i can name a single character in the movie except for my childhood pals, THE Transformers.

Boo on them to base a movie on, and cash in on, nostalgia. To all the naysayers who think i’m a hater, let me ask you this:  would you have liked the movie if Optimus Prime would not have been voiced by the original? Think about it.

i HATED this piece of shit….worst movie i have seen in a long time (it was even worse than the historical farce of The 300…elephants in Greece? The Immortals were orcs? Xerxes was 8 feet tall?). Anyways…back to The Transformers.  Awful fucking movie. My god.  2 out of 10...and 1 of those points from Optimus Prime and the other from the beauty of the girl (who was incidentally the only “developed” character).



Am i the only one that thinks "Product 19" is the worst name for a cereal ever? It's quite possibly the worst name for a food ever...

"Product 19 sounds like the name of an industrial chemical." -- dontpanic



Hmm i just can't decide if i should be a web designer or maybe a graphic designer...hey, wait! i'll be in the SWAT instead!



"Universal Intellectual Property"

Is anyone else disturbed that pharmaceutical companies have patented 1/5 of the human genome? The genome...our DNA. Did these companies write the human genetic code? As someone who does not believe in any particular god or gods, i have a major problem with that. i can't even imagine how preposterous this is to a religious person. How can one claim to own the building blocks to life?

And this passed through the courts? How is this even possible? i'm sure it has nothing to do with those with money having's not like the health industry is the #1 industry in America, weighing in at 15% of our GDP (the highest in the world.) To put it in perspective, FAR more money is made by the health care providers and insurance companies than the billions and billions we shovel into our war machine. *coughcorruptioncough* Maybe i should get that cough checked out and go to a doctor. Oh wait, i have no insurance, like 47 million other Americans living in this neo-Industrial Age.

The pharmaceutical companies better hurry up and patent what they can, i'm working on patenting quarks, leptons, and electrons. Maybe i'll just go ahead and file a patent for antimatter and subspace while i'm at it O_o



Concerning playing the Devil's Advocate:

At a satanic cult meeting, would a person who defends God be considered the Devil's Advocate?



"Who are the ad wizards that came up with this one?" This ad was found on the Weather Channel website of all places...

i like how it is so casually if it is something someone does on a whim. "i'm thinking about getting a round of golf in today, or maybe i'll go to McDonald's for lunch, or maybe i'll go get my spine operated on."


Have you ever listened to songs and every time you hear the word "mind," replace it with the similar-sounding word "mime"? Well, i have. It really adds a whole new meaning to songs. "You Were Always on my Mind," by Willie Nelson brings about particularly interesting images with that slight change.



As i look outside and see the weather is nothing like what the forecasters predicted, i can't help but think deeply about a society that allows such frequent mistakes. Meteorologists, lawyers, and politicians all come to mind. Why is it that we accept that they're always wrong? But here's the real question: why do we pay them more for it than we do for honest professions?

Ok, in all fairness to meteorologists, they don't knowingly and willingly lie to us; they just make a living out of taking guesses. So, my apologies for lumping them in with the slime ;)



This is a real web ad i found today. i don't get the marketing on this one. Notice the subtle girlie colors and the ubergirlie girl on the left. "i want to become a... BOUNTY HUNTER!"

Hmmm i made up my mind, but i can't find "Princess" anywhere on here....confusing.



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