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Team Fortress 2



Be at peace, son of Gondor.


This haunts my nightmares still.


This heavy belongs on a patriotic/motivational poster somewhere.







Chunks of demomen everywhere!



My little sister's failed ambush attempt.




The Devil takes another soul.

Rasputin himself.


Poor little bugger.




i jumped out a window and was greeted by a sentry gun. i gained re-entry to the planet an hour later.


i put this poor spy out of his misery.


Llama alert! The admin, -=|PcS Saxton Hale|=- turned on god mode and no clipping at the end of the round and hid outside the map. For shame!


A demoman tresspassing in Sherwood Forest pays the ultimate price.


Party in Blue's basement! Notice the spy escaping with the plans.

Our briefcase collection in Red's basement.


Not only is the engy stuck in the wall with an arrow through his head, he's also on fire. He serves as a warning to all other engineers.

Same goes for all other spies...


Here are a few bizarre glitches i've seen:

An engy with a dead ringer?

A sniper with a dead ringer? You're doin' it wrong, too!

Here's a scout shooting the autocannon out of his crotch. It even made the ac noise. Huh.



Get a room, you perverts!


Demoman hangs onto a ledge with one arm.


These three screenshots are from the Night of 1000 Scouts, when everyone (except a select group of players) played as a scout.

The kills just kept rolling and could only show 4 at one time :O ...this is the defense of a single engy and a lone pyro against one medic, one soldier, about about 8 scouts.

i actually made people cry. Don't bitch to me that you're trying to farm for achievements while on a public server. i'm only playing the game it was meant to be played. It's not my fault your fragile bodies are made out of paper.

Two engies on defense...rocking it with pistols and wrenches.


It's amazing he's still alive with a head injury like that.


The true reason the band broke up.


That heavy was in for a rude surprise when the gate opened ;)


We were burninated...look at that poor medic.

That's how they like it. F'n weenies.


Next on VH1 "Behind the Music": after a diminished musical career, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch turned to other interests.

i like to use the axe.


Wtf? i don't have a clue how i managed to do that.


Nasty pic. Notice the multiple headless bodies...and the matching head(s?)


That looks painful.


Looks like a normal defense in the basement of 2 Fort, right? Notice that we are wearing red and the walls are colored blue ;)


Party under the bridge on 2fort!

PegLegs does a dance.

Thus is the fate of all traitors.



Try tapping that foot now, Larry.

Looks like a normal defense, you say? Notice that it is in the Blue base.

We decided it would be funny if we were ALL pyros...too bad the one medic on our team had to be a wimp.


He's as stiff as a board.

We thought it would be funny if we built ON the train. Let's congratulate PegLegs on his abilities :)


So then one day we were nearly all engies and thought about building a home we call "Sentry Ridge."




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