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(my apologies about the quality of some of the screenshots -- there was an error when i transferred my files a couple of computers ago).


Here a demoman (actually my dead body) is doing a backwards fall into the arms of a teammate. Trust.


Nice camo, ninja. Meanwhile my friend, Stevie Wonder finds his niche.


i found myself lost, in a land where medics are despised....


This was our COBRA clan logo. Blue base vandalized, courtesy of Monkeywrench. COOOOBRAAA!


Not for viewers until the age of 17.


When the server runs for a few days straight without reseting, things get a little glitchy....and horrormovie-esque.


i don't know if he's waving or swimming....



Oops...a little too much wax on the floor. My obsessive compulsive cleaning habits leads to the death of a comrade.


What a gory game! :O


Last line of flag defense: Cobra Commander and i (Destro) defending the Red flag...notice Demoman #2 is looking back....where we had successfully defended the flag from above the previous 5 minutes...

Before...(also, notice the COBRA logo on the left;)

...and after.

....if you're curious about what we were doing inside the Blue base, take a look:

Ah, home sweet home in the Blue Attic in the Well (notice our Red colors).

We played psychological warfare as we'd throw the Blue flag over the gap in the floor, in clear sight of all Blue enemies, thus luring them into our little trap ;)


i miss you, Meg, and Cinci RR:

One of Meg's works of art.


i miss you, Meg ;)


Do you remember me, Red Eagle? A friendly crowbar from zero to you, and your ping that was 1/8th of mine...back in the days of dialup...

Followup to this: one day while playing Day of Defeat, i ran into Red Eagle (after about 6 years)...we talked for about 10 minutes about fond memories of Cinci. He asked who i was and i said "zero." He instantly went quiet after that. hehe no, i was never mean to him ;) ...but it's good to see he remembered his fear of my aim. i was without my crowbar, but i acquianted him with my knife ;) ahh, sweet Eagle, i missed you, too.


Llama TKer: once upon a time, there was a llama TKer who was taught a very painful lesson...

Commence psychological warfare...(a mere glimpse of our chat)

....i see i have results.


Detpack: oh how i love detpacks :)

...and no i wasn't an Admin...just merely commenting on the tendency of admins (or clanners) in general to be fascists and bullies on their own servers.

...just some more detpack kills....

Who's the genius that built a sentry gun on my detpack? O_o

All in a day's work ;) ...and no, those "Players" aren' was a running joke.


Grenade love: i love grenades more than detpacks even!

2 frag grenades on Anzio.


1 mirv in the Red base. They doubted i could bounce a mirv off the bridge and inside of their flagroom as they were running inside. They were good sports about it ;)


Emp hugs! Spread the love!

Right at the moment of the blast.


Encounters with Llamas (salute!): what a great site that was :) ...when llamas were held accountable for their actions...

Did you know that CTD stood for "Connect The Dots"? Lame, but true. But thanks guys, for giving Rysil the treatment he deserved. Ah, sweet Karma :)

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