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"Lost Tales of the Death Star, part 1"

"Lost Tales of the Death Star, part 2"

"Lost Tales of the Death Star, part 3"


What if...?

Do you ever wonder how things would have turned out differently if just one minor thing would have worked out differently....what if ____ happened? How would the story have turned out?


Setting: Episode IV, The streets of Mos Eisley Spaceport.

A New Hope: alternate celebration scene from the Special Edition

*News flash!* i have uncovered a lost Star Wars artifact -- the official flag of the planet Hoth:


It also makes a classy letterhead...



Speaking of Hoth, i think the only reason the Empire won there is because, for once, their Stormtrooper (technically Snowtrooper) armor actually blended in for once instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. Ah, the power of camouflage.




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"A study of prehistoric interstellar theropod transportation modalities utilizing liquid propellant based propulsion of multi-wheeled carriages: Interstellar Dinoride" appears courtesy of dontpanic.