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Star Trek: The Drinking Game


For the 21+ crowd (16+ Germany) or those of you wishing to break the law.

For the more puritan fans, substitute juice or your favorite beverage in place of alcohol and play along!


Star Trek: The Next Generation Drinking Game

Take a drink every time:

  • A crewmember falls into a pit
  • Picard readjusts his uniform; also known as the "Tunic Tug"
  • The holodeck malfunctions
  • Riker puts his leg up on something
  • Worf has a new haircut
  • A main character is kidnapped
  • An alien takes over a crewmember
  • An invention of Wesley's goes astray, resulting in the near-annihilation of the crew

View the Quick Reference Guide. i recommend printing it out to have next to you while you watch the show.

Enterprise: The Drinking Game

Take a drink every time:

  • Scot Bakula appears on screen. Trust me, you'll need this.
  • The writers laugh in the face of continuity
  • Every time Bakula's lack of acting talent makes you want to crush your head with your own hands so you no longer have to bear with the pain of watching him act.

View the Do-it-yourself Guide to making Star Trek drinks that my friends have compiled.






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