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Oh how i wish life had a buit-in camera at arm's reach at any given time....just like in videogames. None of these shots have been modified.


Team Fortress

Team Fortress 2

Day of Defeat

Age of Empires

Deus Ex

Medal of Honor

Other games below:



Left 4 Dead 2

We were facing a difficult battle ahead, so we made a shrine to Coach, seeking his guidance.

Take a knee.

A devout follower reaches out, asking Coach for a blessing...

...and he responds, "Keep your shit tight."



Honestly, he did say that.

Battlefield Bad Company 2

What a showoff!


Modern Warfare 3

No wonder this guy died; he has an arm instead of a left leg.

Such hand grip strength!


Fallout 3

"i spy with my little eye."

i saw something small and glowing in the distance. After close inspection, i realized it was an eye from a Glowing One that i had recently dispatched.

Modern Warfare 2

Captain Bendy is a contortionist.



Left 4 Dead

Unfortunately, i lost my screenshots with Bryant Gumbel as Louis and Richard Simmons as Francis.


We had some difficulties after an auto accident. Notice the driver's hands flailing wildly in the air.


Birth of the Federation:

i believe i was actually the Romulans....i think....see, i love to steal ships...


...oh how i'd like to wipe that smug look off his face...


Red Orchestra:


The Soviets and their damn gravity-defying antics!


Aliens vs. Predator (2, i think):

"Damn, these TPS reports are due by 1400 hours. Work, work, work."

i may have accidentally triggered my rocket launcher, but it was still no reason for this guy to use my head as a paperweight.


Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind:


My friend was known as "The Lantern Bandit" for good reason. Pay no attention to the stack of guard helmets in the background


Battlefield Vietnam:

This bot turned his head and glared at us for looking at him. i felt really out of place.




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