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oming Soon to a theater near you in the Summer of 1988!


Rated R





Little Mac (Tom Cruise)


Doc Louis (Reginald VelJohnson)


Glass Joe (Ed Begley Jr.)


Von Kaiser (Tom Selleck)


Piston Honda (Bolo Yeung)


Don Flamenco (Al Pacino)


King Hippo (John Candy)


Great Tiger (Ben Kingsley)


Bald Bull (Charles Barkley)


Soda Popinski (Jesse "The Body" Ventura)


Mr. Sandman (Al Matthews)


Super Macho Man (Bruce Campbell)


Mr. Dream (Arnold Swarzenegger)


Referee Mario (Joe Pesci)


And Mike Tyson

as himself


Movie stills

"I'm gonna knock yo' ffuckin' head off, lil mac!"


"I'll give you a TKO from Tokyo!"



"You can't stop the Bull Charge, WOO!"


"AHH! Don't punch the old war wound!"


Boxer/Cast Comparison




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