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Here is a small sample of the work I have done. This website (www.notentirelystable.com) itself could be also be considered part of my portfolio.



Dispatches from the Hinterlands - my thesis I completed for an MA in English. It is about Marxism, psychoanalysis and the subconcious, the creation of identities, all told with bits of the surreal and humor. Includes the stories:

  • The Unliving - a story about inequality set in a post-post apocalyptic future.
  • Aileron - the story of a woman struggling with her identity, while battling cancer.
  • One Too Many Steves - a comedy about a man remembering his better days at Apple.
  • Insomnia Dreams - a comedy about the line between reality and fantasy as embodied by a character who plays Aurora at Disney World.
  • Forget the Alamo - a writer struggles with keeping his art pure while facing the realities of the B-movie industry.

Hell Hath No Fury - a dark short story about abuse, fire, and revenge. This was published in the MacGuffin.

Within, Without - a novella about loss and the human mind.

Ricochet - a short story about the importance of family and history as embodied in an heirloom.

Bushwhackers - a comedic screenplay set in the near future about two brothers who decide to kidnap former president George W. Bush and exile him to Iraq.

Into the Dark - full length teleplay set in the Star Wars universe. This demonstrates that I understand how to write in an already created universe, following the rules and styles set forth previously.

Jack of Spades - a satirical piece of historical fiction that involves a game of poker with Richard Nixon and Sammy Davis Jr.

The Sea of Tranquility - an alternate history of the moon landings.

Drivethru - short fiction in Denis Johnson's style.

To Commit Suicide or Not - a short comedy about the drudgery of life.

Uniforms - an exercise in imitating J.D. Salinger.



Critical essays / Nonfiction / Historical research papers


"Ours is not to reason why..." - a discussion of utilitarian ethics in the film Saving Private Ryan.

I am Jack's Unconscious - a psychoanalytic reading of Fight Club.

The Futility of Utility - the new Battlestar Galactica series examined with utilitarian philosophy.

The Wrath of Kant - a paper regarding Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan with the philosophy of Immanuel Kant in mind.

Everything is Grey - analyzing the appearance of the color grey in Chekhov's "Lady with a Pet Dog".

The Hoplite Warrior - research paper about phalanx warfare and equipment of Hoplite warriors of ancient Greece.

Judging the Lord of War - an indepth look at characters of Lord of War in the light of Kant's Metaphysics of Morals.

Crossing the Halys - a critical look at the Halys river and its importance to Herodotus.

Triremes - Greece's Saviors - history of trireme warfare during the Persian Wars of ancient Greece.

The Spectacle of the Hunger Games - a look at The Hunger Games through Guy Debord's and Tiqqun's concept of the Spectacle.

Plenty of Blame to Spread - essay about Achebe's Things Fall Apart.

The Matrix Events - a study of Badiou's event ethics involved in The Matrix films.

Defence of Socrates - a response to Plato's famous Defence of Socrates and the historical backdrop.

Achilles' Decision - in this short paper, I discuss Achilles and hubris.

Guardians of the Republic - a look at the Jedi of Star Wars in relation to Plato's Republic.


Game Module

Neverwinter Nights Module: "The Guardians of Brookdale" -- An adventure I created using the Aurora toolset. This module is an exercise on dialogue. I created the entire module, but the focus is on crafting plot and characters through dialogue. This adventure is designed to be played in about 15 to 30 minutes.





Hardscrabble Road


Barren in November

The Pilot

in somnia

From My Window

Nearly Across

At the Mass Graves of Eau Claire

i am rain


Barefoot in November



Other writing samples available upon request.







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