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Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault:

Ted? Noooo! My god! You animals! What did you do to him?

Either that, or he's trick shooting...simply amazing, Ted.



This sequence occured after i found a slight glitch. Granted, a large part of it was my fault...i'm known for my sometimes random play style......a few minutes earlier in the game, i had come to the same spot but did not want to play along with the scripted event. After about 10 seconds of my allies yelling "Hey Tommy, what are you doing Tommy?" repeatedly....and mortar explosions hitting the same spot (that i was in) over and over again. It felt like a Hitchcock movie. Next time through, i jumped in the car...without waiting for the driver.

There is no driver....and the car is moving.......

Doc reloads his pistol while the Sgt. shoots at unseen attackers.


Doc insists on using his unorthodox style of reloading...Sarge stares silently at me.


Doc nearly has it under control....strangely enough, i had a cat that would try to open doors like that O_o

After all was said and "done," the car just kept driving and enemies kept spawning ad nauseum.


Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: (multiplayer)

In an alternate history, the Germans had Pvt. Jackson (me) as a sniper on their side...things went a little differently at Normandy.

The next time, i set things aright.

Yes, that's the same CHUBAKA (you spelled it wrong, asshole) from the devious Wolf clan from Team Fortress. It turns out that they're not very good when they're not playing on their own server. Yeah, i'm talking to you as well, L1Wolf. My roommate had an epiphany one day when he realized that "L1" is supposed to mean "lone" O_o ....come on, if you're going to use leetspeak, at least do it right. ....ah the good ol' days when we'd infiltrate their Roger Wilco channel and scream at the top of my lungs into the mic, and thus, into their ears ;) ...but i was young and immature then....a tender 20 years old.



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