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Things i've learned about League of Legends:


It's habit forming. But, i can quit whenever i want to. i don't have a problem. So what if i play every day? i'm not on trial here!

Things i've learned about the roles:

Junglers seem to think they are above fault in any loss.

Top seems to think the Jungler exists to gank for them only. The jungler has other places to be.

Mid seems to think they're the stars since they're center stage.

ADCs like to blame the support if they die, even if they're rushing breakneck into two champions and a tower. Also, some ADCs tend to be obliviously farming while team fights are breaking out.

Supports tend to be the nicest players...sometimes...other times they nag the ADCs like a disappointed father.

People think the meta is Scripture.


Great players think outside the meta.

Why does it seem like 90% of all players withhold using their abilities until an enemy is almost dead just so that they can land the killshot, even at the cost of their whole team's lives and/or the game. Also, these same people are the ones who will accuse you of killstealing.

If you say GG at the champion select or within the first minute of the game, you need to uninstall the game. Seriously. Do us all a favor.




Why is it that the biggest jerks in the game tend to be Master Yi players?

i guess Draven is a close second. It must be something about bad facial hair that attracts assholes.




Karthus is the most annoying champ.

Blitzcrank is the most annoying champ.

Teemo is the most annoying champ.



Worst. Champion. Ever.


There are a lot of boobs in the League. There is much debate over who has the biggest boobs, a lot of people say Miss Fortune, but my money is on this champion.


So many bodies!


Still the worst champion ever.


This story was so bizarre that i have to share it. Normally, the game (like all online games) are filled with trolls and assholes who delight in inflicting pain on others. In the game i recently played, there was a troll who was mad that he was the last to call his lane. He ignored what role we needed and took Kha'zix and preceded to feed time and time again without even causing damage. He talked smack to us the whole game and bought wards and put them all over the Nexus, etc., the normal troll stuff. We were losing every lane badly, and had no chance to win...when the other team voted to surrender. My jaw literally dropped. They gave us the victory because they know what it's like. i was almost misty eyed from seeing this display of human decency. The troll was beside himself and raged at the other team. That other team's act stands out as one of the finest examples of a class act i have ever witnessed in all my video game playing experience.



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