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DLC Quest

Game Review

by zero


DLC Quest is a short game that i came across on Steam. It was on sale for $1.49, so i picked it up, because why not? i can barely buy a cheeseburger for that price.

Anyway. DLC Quest is a neat little platformer (kind of) that is a tongue-in-cheek look at the gaming industry of today. Specifically, it looks at the shameful trend of many developers charging money for DLC. Don't get me wrong; there is a lot of DLC out there that took a lot of time and effort and adds a ton to the original game. And then, there are...less reputable developers that charge you for stuff that should be in the main game. DLC Quest takes a shot at the second type of developers.

When DLC Quest starts off, you're the nameless hero who has no items or animation or even the ability to move left! You have to pay for that with in game money, which the game calls DLC. You have to pay for some NPCs, the ability to cut grass, and pretty much anything else that you think should be free in a game. Is it frustrating? No, because it's all in good humor. i think my favorite DLC i purchased in game was the "Day 1 Patch." "Shouldn't that already be in there?" the game asks.

The game has some flaws, namely the length. It's a VERY short game, clocking in at maybe 2 to 3 hours for completionists playing the main quest as well as the DLC campaign. In fact, you can't even die in the main game. That takes a bit of fun out of the game since there's no challenge there. Hardcore gamers may be somewhat deterred by that, except if they remember the game is just one big joke. But, it's a good joke, right?

This game reminds me quite a bit of Evoland, which i also recommend. In a sense, games like these break the fourth wall and look back at the games and the industry itself in a kind of shared introspection.

i would write more about this game, but because it is so short, i think i've covered it all ;) Check the game out. It's a game that doesn't try to bite off more than it can chew. It knows its mission and it gets that mission done. It's an indie game that you can feel good about buying and supporting the developer.


Bottom Line

Pick up this game if you can find it for under $5, which shouldn't be hard to do since the list price is $3. For the cost, you get a fair amount of entertainment even if there is little to no replay value.


Pros Cons
  • Funny
  • Very short
  • Cheap
  • No danger in main game
  • Decent controls
  • Not much replay
  • Has achievements to earn



7 out of 10




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