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Advice from the King

Who better to get advice from than a king, right? He's like the Sun Tzu of England.

The King, on Scotland's woes

Even a king listens to advice sometimes


The King, on silver linings

The King, on frugal warfare


The King, on Ireland

The King, on considering the source of information

The King, on criminal justice

Or, even a king needs to have a sense of humor.


The King, on women in the workforce

The King,
on military tactics and silver linings


Scumbag King



More Braveheart around the web


What is this shit?

"Consult with your company so that I can boost company revenue and profitability. Gold. That I should become Judas?" -- Wiliam Wallace



Braveheart catering?

i sincerely hope haggis is on the menu.

What a wonderful reception that would make! You could have some delicious haggis and listen to some bagpipe music. Then, a nobleman could roll up and snatch your new wife away by claiming his noble right of prima nocte.

i think maybe they should add "Nobles not invited" next to the Wedding Catering picture.




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