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The Essential Episode Guide to Babylon 5


SPOILER ALERT: There are spoilers throughout. You should have seen all of these episodes already anyway O_o


"The Gathering"

Before i review this episode, i should point out a couple of differences between the pilot episode and the other episodes. You may or may not catch these on your own.

Ambassador Delenn was originally played by a man:

It's an albino Alien Nation Narn with a bone on its head...


Susan Ivanova was originally from Japan, but they decided that "Ivanova" didn't quite sound Japanese enough.

Too bad they didn't keep this one :-(


PPGs looked a little different:

"Michael, set PPG for channel 64."


And we see B5's first telepath, Lyta Alexander:

Oh my god, is it really you? It is! You're the actress that played Security Officer #3 from Star Trek: The Next Generation, episode 115 "Power Play"!


But some things never was just as lax as ever....

A Predator alien passes through a Security checkpoint.


There was more of a variety of aliens back then...

"Who let the muppet onboard the B5 Amtrak?"


Before there was Corwin, there was someone else in C & C...

Ahhhh, Mr. Morden.


Now that i've covered everything else, on to the review!

In a practical joke of galactic proportions, the Vorlons frame Commander Sinclair for the poisoning of Ambassador Kosh. As if anyone could hurt a Vorlon...

Sinclair and Garibaldi get in a round of Laser Tag, while on duty, no less.


However, the Vorlons' joke went a little too far when the Vorlons surrounded B5 with a few ships. ship wouldn't be enough, would it? O_o

That's why this whole debacle was obviously just a joke! :)


Sinclair refused to go down without a fight and started designing a new space station:

It featured a planet-destroying laser, which the Vorlons promptly copied.


The episode ended when Kosh was finally finished with the practical joke, and stood up and said "Foooooooled yooou!" at the top of his lungs. What an odd start for a series!




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