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Babylon 5


Episode "Guides"

Ok, perhaps these aren't so much true episode all...they are comedy.

Babylon 5

Episode Guides - for all FOUR seasons :-\

"The Gathering" (pilot episode)

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Babylon 5

The Drinking Game

For the 21+ crowd (16+ Germany) or those of you wishing to break the law.

For the more puritan fans, substitute juice or your favorite beverage in place of alcohol and play along!

Take a drink every time:

  • A door opens and you wonder why the hell their doors are shaped so strangely and open in a circular/sideways fashion
  • Londo says, "Ah, Mr. _____insert name here____!"
  • Vir says/does something that makes you wonder about his sexual orientation (not that there's anything wrong with that ;)
  • Bester shows up to B5 to pursue his favorite hobby of hunting rogue telepaths
  • Kosh says something cryptic
  • You think the Minbari ears look ridiculous and would like to rip them off of the person wearing them
  • You wonder why the lovely actress who is playing the minor character of the week was not hired to play the part of Ivanova or Lyta
  • Ivanova threatens to resign because a Psi cop visits the station
  • Franklin goes on walkabout
  • There is a sleeping/bed scene....don't believe me that there are a lot of these? Just watch.





Season 1 and only

Crusade: The Drinking Game

Take a drink every time:

  • You start the episode. Drink until the episode is done or you have passed out.
  • You can't help but picture the captain as Bill Lumberg, complete with coffee cup and trademarked "Yeahhh..."
  • You wonder if Peter Woodward is actually a time traveler from the past (because of his amazing knowledge of history and historical weaponry and tactics.)
  • You want to disembowel yourself instead of continuing to watch the episode



Babylon 5, deep thoughts:


How many docking accidents do you think they have every week due to the rectangular Chevy symbol shape of the spinning docking bay entrance? Bear in mind, it's not automated, nor is every pilot an elite starfighter pilot. It's like asking a truck driver to park in a spinning parking space between a porcelain store and a bomb factory.

That's just unsafe.


Who's the genius in Earth Gov. that came up with the idea of putting important documents on overhead transparency sheets?

Ivanova: "Captain, this just came for you from Earth."

Sheridan: "What's it say?"

Ivanova: "i don't have a fucking clue."

Sheridan: "Here, let's work on it together."

...6 hours later...

Sheridan: "It's a recipe! ...or maybe a map."

Ivanova: "No. We were over that an hour ago. It can't be....but i think i finally figured out which side is 'up' on this one."





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