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Elephants make such great fertilizer!


My settler looks very pleased with himself after coming up with a warning to the other spearmen.


There be whales here! ....and they're in a pond....


i controlled this pond with my navy.


i give the AI credit for their "meat shield"defense....

...however, the results were predictable.

"Who's hungry for mutton?"
"No thank you sir, i just ate three."


i'd like you to meet my dog, Bowser...and his 14270 hitpoints [no cheat].


Ok, this one i may have cheated on. But look at that shot! Right into the pit. Nice job, Tommy!


A raiding party forms to attack a city...

...the raid went well, i think.


The British haven't quite mastered the windmill yet.


The "Kill The White Devils" dance, performed by New England's pilgrims.

Whale attacks stagecoach! Details at 11...

...luckily the driver realized whales can't go on land.

...but the whale's appetite wasn't satisfied! It attacks a train here...


A fisherman dutifully fishes the sea
My recreation of The Old Man and the Sea


The Treasure: 2 sheep.
The Treasure Guardians: 2 wolves.
The Question: What kind of a world is it where wolves guard sheep?


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