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The 28 Trilogy is a rollercoaster ride to say the least. Never before have i seen such a series that changes its tone (and directors) as much as this trilogy. The first chapter in this series is a story about a woman who finds out about herself, life, and romance after receiving a wake up call upon learning the consequences of alcohol and substance abuse.

But, things change as we move to the second installment. This has to be the strangest transition in movie history. What starts out as a tale of overcoming life's challenges and finding true love quickly becomes something else entirely. It goes from heartwearming to gut-wrenching. Even the setting is different.

28 Days Later brings up more questions than it answers. What happened to Sandra Bullock's character, Gwen? Did she take a trip to the U.K.? Did she relapse into her old party girl ways and get infected with this "rage virus" everyone is talking about or is she, like her character in the first movie, a survivor? Will the lessons she learned and all that she discovered about herself in rehab help her to survive to this so-called "zombie apocalypse"? i waited patiently until the end of this film, but Gwen never showed up to answer these questions.

28 Weeks Later continues the trend of the last film of having a new director and new cast. Still no sign of Sandra Bullock in this one. Even the supporting characters are not to be found. What about her fellow rehabbers? Counselor Cornell? Guitar Guy? Surely, he has survived, if anyone has.

i have to say this was a disappointing conclusion to the series. i wanted to see Cillian Murphy's character and Sandra Bullock's character meet up, get married, and start a support group for the other survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Maybe i'm just a hopeless romantic and want to see true romance in the end times.

Perhaps i'm just missing the message. Maybe it is a metaphor of going from facing your inner demons to facing outer demons.

i'll score the trilogy a 6 out of 10. 28 Days is a lighthearted romp, 28 Days Later is delightful zombie-blasting action, but 28 Weeks Later is the weak link and drags down the series.




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